International Hospital Federation Young Executive Leaders

Application Instructions

Please carefully read the information below before submitting your application.


Young executive leaders who have proven outstanding merit in healthcare management will enjoy a chance of a lifetime to exchange with peers on capital healthcare issues as well as to interact with talented thought leaders from all around the world. This is a tremendous personal and professional growth opportunity. Each individual will build sustainable relationships and expand its network internationally. Together, they will discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities for the young healthcare leaders of today, creating an environment for vibrant and exciting dialogue.

Through this program, you can join other young leaders from various parts of the world and build unique relationships by sharing experience and by working together on a topic related to the 2020 World Hospital Congress (WHC). The program ends in November at the WHC, to be held 2-5 November 2020 in Barcelona, after which you will join the growing YEL Alumni.

This year’s WHC’s overarching theme is “People on board, transforming healthcare. Future is now”. It has three sub-themes: 

  1. Digital and technology driven transformations
  2. Towards an integrated concept of health and care services model: value driven transformation
  3. People at the center of healthcare system transformations

The selected topics are a vehicle rather than an objective per se. Through this program, IHF seeks to connect you to other young leaders across the world, broadcast the younger generation’s perspectives on global challenges and build sustainable relationships. Therefore, this program is divided into four phases: 

  1. Online group meetings dedicated to relationship-building/networking, presentation of the participants and of their national perspectives on the topic; …
  2. Those willing to remain in the program get their profile created on the YEL Webpage.
  3. Online meetings, chatting, and posts-sharing on the YEL Blog: the posts will result from the discussions and presentations in phase 1 and emerging working-parties. Posts will be shared on the IHF social media and can freely be shared by YELs as well
  4. At the World Hospital Congress: one-day workshop with the other YELs; host a session; join the YEL Alumni

The IHF Secretariat will facilitate the exchanges by providing online tools enabling virtual meetings. Even though the Secretariat will generate the overall timeline, the group will have to self-manage the organization of their meetings and workplan.

Expected Benefits and Outcomes

  • Join a dynamic and friendly group to grow professionally and personally
  • Get international visibility 
  • Disseminate the work resulting from your discussions through the IHF community and beyond 
  • Get a free registration to the World Hospital Congress to be held 2-5 November 2020 in Barcelona, Spain
  • Host a session with an international audience at the World Hospital Congress
  • Join the YEL Alumni and enjoy its benefits 
  • … 

Notice to the Employer

After meeting face-to-face during a one-day workshop, YEL participants will host a session in front of senior healthcare leaders to present their experience and results. This is considered as an important continuous professional development step, and employers should recognize this by allowing the YELs to participate to the Congress as part of their professional training. 

The IHF will offer complementary registration to the IHF World Hospital Congress. It is expected that the travel expenses for the YEL’s participation to the Congress will be covered by the the applicant’s employer. The applicant will be responsible for his/her own accommodation and for any required visa applications.

Application Process

Young Executive Leaders wishing to join the IHF YEL initiative are invited to submit their application to the Admission Committee for consideration through this website.

Important dates
Open for application: 1st February 2020
February: Q&A online sessions with the previous YEL participants will be organized. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to
Application deadline: 15st March 2020
Notification to accepted/rejected applicants: 15st April 2020
First meeting of the group : Will be scheduled before end of April

Application Guidelines

  • All applications must be made electronically via this online platform. Click ‘Create Account’ in the menu above if this is the first time you apply.
  • The application must be accompanied by the candidate’s curriculum vitae.
  • The application must be accompanied by at least one letter of reference (see details under mandatory criteria) Download template.
  • Applications sent by post or email will NOT be accepted. Previous registered users may use the same Login Credentials.
  • The applicant is the sole contact for all correspondences regarding the application review and accepts responsibility to share information with both the employer and the IHF Full Member.
  • All applications must be in English.
  • Abbreviations and acronyms must be defined.
  • Up to 5 supporting documents may be attached in the application but only Word, Powerpoint and PDF files are accepted. Total file size should not exceed 30MB
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting a correct application. Any errors in spelling, grammar or content will be reproduced as typed by the submitter. No proofreading will be done.
  • Applications can be saved in ‘DRAFT’ for re-editing and modification prior to submission. Only applications in ‘SUBMITTED’ status will be considered.
  • After the application deadline, only requested changes by the Admission Committee reviewer will be accepted.
  • All decisions by the Admission Committee regarding the applications are final.

Mandatory Criteria for Application

Applications that are not fulfilling one or more of the following Criteria will NOT be accepted

  1. The candidate must be from a country where IHF is represented by a Full Member;
  2. The candidate must have minimum 5 years’ experience in healthcare leadership/management position;
  3. The candidate must be maximum 40 years old;
  4. The candidate must speak English fluently;
  5. The candidate must have 1 letter of reference from an executive representative of the current employer. An additional letter of reference from the IHF Member is an asset.

General Criteria for Applications’ Assessment

The following six criteria will be assessed by the Admission Committee:

  1. The candidate occupies a leadership position at higher level of the organization.
  2. Letter(s) of reference express that candidate has proved excellency.
  3. Candidate has indicated solid leading change experience.
  4. Expected personal contribution is well expressed and relevant.
  5. Expectations for the group are clearly set up by the candidate.
  6. Suggestions for group work are very meaningful.

Selection Process

Applications will be submitted to the review of the Admission Committee, a group of recognized healthcare leaders from different countries. Applications will attribute to reviewers randomly, but the reviewer will not be from the same country of the candidate.

The Committee will review the applicant’s profile using the online platform.
Each application will be reviewed independently by two different reviewers based on a rating scale.

Personal data protection and copyrights

  • By creating an account in this website, you agree that IHF will collect and process your personal data according to our Privacy Policy. You will automatically be included in IHF’s database and will receive updates and information from the IHF. You may unsubscribe at any time.
  • By submitting your application, you agree that your data is shared with the Admission Committee who will review your application.
  • If you are selected to join the YEL, you agree that your data is shared with the other members of the group.
  • If you are selected to join the YEL, you agree that the IHF Secretariat has all copyright in and to the outcomes of the work done within the YEL group, and all rights therein, including but not limited to the right to disseminate it in different formats (presentations, social media posts, articles, etc.) through any IHF publishing platform (website, social media, journal, newsletter, etc.).

Technical Requirements

  • Cookies and JavaScript need to be enabled in order to submit.
  • The online form is compatible with all up-to-date browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

For further information please contact:

To: Sylvia Basterrechea
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