Winner Testimonials

"The reception of the IHF award has been a very valuable recognition for our work inside and outside the institution. Internally, the award has acted as a quality label that has validated our work and has improved our image inside the institution. Externally, the impact of the award has been amplified by several communications that have increased the awareness about the project. This communication has attracted new users to the product and sparked interest from other hospitals."

  • - "InfoKids: a transversal and longitudinal solution enhancing patients and caregivers experience in emergency departments by disrupting the care process paradigm" team of the University Hospitals of Geneva on winning the 2017 IHF/Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award

The Hospital Authority (HA) is most honoured to receive the Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award of IHF. The Award marks a valuable recognition of the great efforts made by teams of dedicated multi-disciplinary colleagues in the HA as well as our partnering organisations. It encourages us to continue to explore and develop integrated models emphasising patient-centred care, medical-social and hospital-community collaborations, riding on innovative service models and technologies. Recently, HA has extended the integrated approach to serve elderly patients suffering from hip fracture or dementia, and to improve palliative care for patients facing terminally illness.

  • - "Integrating Medical and Social Support for the Elderly - System and Technology Enabled Service Innovations" team of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority on winning the 2016 IHF/Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award

It was a great honour for the Norwegian Patient Safety Programme to receive the Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care at the World Hospital Congress 2017. Norway has taken great steps to improve patient safety and reduce patient harm, and the award is a symbol of international recognition of these efforts. Receiving the award gained the attention of the health and care personnel and the most central stakeholders in the health and care services. The Norwegian Minister of Health announced that it was a big day for the Norwegian health and care service and congratulated those who work with patient safety every day.

  • - Anne-Grete Skjellanger, Director, Norwegian Patient Safety Programme on winning the 2017 Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care for "Reforming the Norwegian Healthcare System through the Norwegian Patient Safety Programme"

For more than a decade now, Narayana Health has taken on various social responsibilities, informed by our Chairman, Dr Devi Shetty's vision and understanding of the gaps in Indian healthcare. These programs have been in alignment with our vision towards equitable, accessible and affordable healthcare for all. Our programs have been recognized at a national level; however, receiving an award from IHF for the mobile obstetric monitoring program is testimony to that fact that the ethos of CSR is truly international and permeates all borders.

This particular health program was beset by several challenges; logistical, legal, cultural and technological. Overcoming these hurdles and witnessing the impact on ground was inspiring; however receiving the IHF award has motivated the team to push further and scale the program to other areas.

We thank IHF for this recognition and hope that innovative and impactful CSR programs across the world will be highlighted through such an excellent forum.

  • - Dr Anupama Shetty, General Manager - CSR, Narayana Health Corporate Office on winning the 2017 IHF/BIONEXO Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for "Maternal Obstetric Monitoring (MOM) program"

Being recognized by the International Hospital Federation for our work on the “Saving Blood, Saving Lives Project” was a tremendous step forward. The exposure through international recognition enabled the project gain further traction and local attention. Although the project had already received widespread support, it also provided validity and a major morale boost for those involved. We are so grateful for the award, but even more so for the opportunity to serve and make a difference in our daily work. The IHF has opened doors for us, enthused our team, and encouraged us to aim even higher. We encourage others to participate in the IHF awards and allow the chance for great things to happen.

  • - "Saving Blood, Saving Lives Project" team of Edendale Hospital on winning the 2016 Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care

"As a private tertiary hospital who made the commitment to serve not only patients who can afford our services but to include those who are financially challenged around the community where we operate and in other underserved areas around the Philippines, winning the IHF CSR Excellence Awards in 2016 and being one of the finalist for the Grand Award in 2017 is definitely an honor. The whole internal community including its external stakeholders celebrated as it distinctly serves as a confirmation that our efforts to provide quality, non-discriminatory healthcare for all is not only humane but it is an effective business decision as it brought us the respect of our patients and peers in the industry.

Given that we are the first hospital in the country to have ever won a major award from IHF, it gave our internal community both Doctors and support staff the motivation to exert more efforts towards maintain our standards of excellence.

So, thank you to the International Federation and to the World Hospital Congress for recognizing our efforts."

  • - Hian Ho N. Kua, MD, MBAH, First Vice-President / Hospital Director of Manila Doctors Hospital on winning the 2016 Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for "Comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Health Programs: Providing Quality, Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for 'Financially-Challenged Patients"