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IHF/Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award

Gold Winner: Value-based healthcare: A new approach to improve oral health outcomes (Dental Health Services Victoria, Australia)

Silver Winner: Metro South Health Service Queensland - Our Transformation to Australia's First Digital Health Service (Metro South Hospital and Health Service, Australia)

Bronze Winner: Wide Bay Amazing Sustainable Turnaround (Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service, Australia)

Merit Awardees:

  • Electronic Medical Record (Salama) (Dubai Health Authority, UAE)
  • Frere Hospital Turnaround (Frere Hospital, South Africa)
  • Keiju Integrated Healthcare Service - Cooperation of Integrated Health Records and Human interface - (Keiju Healthcare System, Japan)

IHF/ Bionexo Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Gold Winner: Give a Life (Fundación Cardioinfantil Instituto de Cardiologia, Colombia)

Silver Winner: Program for Harnessing Oncological Preventive and Early screening activities or Program HOPE (Narayana Health, India)

Bronze Winner: Western Health Healthcare Environmental Sustainability (HES) Program (Western Health, Australia)

Merit Awardees:

  • Aster Volunteers - Powered by Humanity (Aster DM Healthcare, UAE)
  • Free Surgical Brigades Model (CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Sistemas de Salud, Mexico)
  • Forging Oneness, Responsibility, Growth and Empowerment (FORGE): A Community Health Adoption Program (Manila Doctors Hospital, Philippines)
  • Improving access to oral health with a patient centred focus to a vulnerable community (Metro South Oral Health, Metro South Hospital and Health Service Queensland, Australia)
  • Our Tithe: A commitment to caring for our community (Palmetto Health, USA)

IHF/EOH Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Gold Winner: Value Driven Outcomes (Implementation of Data Driven Approach to Manage Utilization of Resources and Improve Quality of Care) (University of Utah Health, USA)

Silver Winner: Bed Management System of Sant Joan de Déu (BEDMA-SJD), an innovative system for efficient management of health care processes (Sant Joan de Déu - Barcelona Children's Hospital, Spain)

Bronze Winner: Build an Innovative Culture that Optimizes the Use of Technology to Advance Excellence in Mental Health Care (Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Canada)

Merit Awardee:

  • Caring Safely - a joint SickKids and UHN collaboration to prevent harm and promote patient and staff safety (The Hospital for Sick Children and University Health Network, Canada)

IHF/Austco Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care

Gold Winner: Gestational Diabetes Mellitis (GDM) App and Interactive Clinician Portal (Internet Based) (Metro South Health, Queensland Health, Australia)

Silver Winner: Optimizing Opioid Prescribing for Surgical Patients (Mayo Clinic, USA)

Bronze Winner: The Implementation of Recovery-Oriented Practice (Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Canada)

Merit Awardees:

  • IRONing out Maternity Blood Management: Improving identification and management of iron deficiency and anaemia (Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Canberra Hospital and Health Service, Women's and Children's Hospital SA, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Australia)
  • Using ABCDE bundle to improve the effectiveness of clinical care in intensive care unit with acute respiratory failure patients (Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan)
  • Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Gender Clinic & Statewide Service, Children's Health Queensland Hospital & Health Service (Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Children's Health Queensland, Hospital and Health Service, Australia)
  • Infection Prevention and Control Program (Makati Medical Center, Philippines)
  • "PROJECT SURAKHSHA" – A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Clinical Outcomes In Sepsis (Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, India)
  • A Pharmacist-led Hospital-based Opioid Stewardship Service (Redcliffe Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Australia)